The Swift-Lite GPIO Library

The Swift-Lite GPIO library is based on SwiftyGPIO, the great work by Umberto Raimondi
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First, we need import GPIO and then retrieve the list of GPIOs available on the board. The GPIO library will autodetect your board type using the autoDetectBoardType() function.

import GPIO


Next we need to get a reference to the pin we want to control and set the initial parameters.
This can be either gp.direction = .IN or gp.direction = .OUT

// set pin number
var gp = gpios[.P9]!

// set pin direction
gp.direction = .OUT

We can control the pin by setting the pin value. 1 = on, 0 = off.

// set pin value
gp.value = 0

For more advanced usage please see SwiftyGPIO Usage